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Tips for staying productive while working from home

Posted by Koosha on April 29, 2020
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Due to prevention of Corona Virus many companies and state institutions have started working remotely.

Working from home can have its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, while working from home we decrease chances of getting infected and create comfortable working space for us, however there are more things that might be distracting.

We offer you tips how to stay productive while working from home.

  • First of all, make your home office space comfortable

Set up home office and separate it from the rest of the space. This is crucial to reduce the stress. Monitor the level of fuss – disturbing noise might decrease your productivity by 60%. It is recommended not to bring unnecessary things into home office.

  • Dress up formally for work

It’s way more comfortable to stay in pajamas while working, but this might be hindering for us. It is preferable to dress up properly that make us perfectly ready for video calls anytime.

  • Keep connection and communication

While working remotely it is very important that you keep communication with management team and colleagues. It is possible with regular online meetings that will enable working process being more productive and efficient.

  • Create your daily routine and schedule

Working outside of office environment might influence on your productivity. Therefore, create your daily routine and divide tasks. This will enable you to be more concentrated and effective.

  • Balance working hours and breaks

Take breaks regularly and walk in the house, go out to the balcony, do some physical exercise during working hours. Working remotely decreases physical activities utterly that affects on our immune system and health.

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